Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hard day of work!

We  started the morning with the wonderful fresh fruit, bagels, and hard-boiled eggs.. Then off to start working on the classrooms for the children.

We had a warm welcome from the project directors and staff.

Our day was spent digging, mixing cement, carrying huge cement blocks to build the classroom walls. The team worked very hard, in spite of the heat and humidity. A lot was accomplished and we had some very curious and excited children who were watching the progress!

Some of the women were able to spend time with children coloring and just spending time together.

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  1. Does the girl in the center (in pink) with a blue belt have a name that starts with an "R"? I think she is my sponsored child. I'd LOVE to know more about her sibling and mom (including age and size of sibling, mom's clothing size, R's shoe size and/or what they might need specifically-household stuff or whatever). I can't wait to meet her!