Monday, June 10, 2013

Sponsor Visits!

We started the morning off with the usual breakfast of wonderful fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, and cereal. 

Off to the project where we worked on completing the walls of the school.

Today was an exciting day, as some sponsors were able to meet their children. Sponsors brought gifts, smiles, and hugs to give to their children.

Shortly after the children left, a rain storm rolled in. The timing was perfect, as we were preparing to head to The Field of Dreams. We waited as the heavy rain fell and then ran to our buses.

We were greeted at The Field of Dreams by a few other sponsored children. One of our sponsors, Jim Collins, had met his child before. They played a game of catch together in the field, as a group of other children and travelers started a game of baseball on the field. The field was muddy and wet from all of the heavy rain. It was fun to watch the teams playing together, as well as an occasional fall from running on the slippery mud.

As those teams played ball, another group of people went to visit the homes of the sponsored children. The first home was made out of white bricks. It was larger than the other homes that have been visited, yet still consisted of just a few simple items. There was a bed, a couple of plastic chairs, and a small and empty kitchen. The second home was built behind a local store. It too, was very simple but made of wood.

It was a fun day with both work and play. The team has been doing an amazing job on building the school.

Tomorrow is filled with more sponsor visits and work!

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